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Cartele si Module de acces | Module de acces

Conax Cam Module - SMARDTV
Conax SMARDTV CAM is used for Encrypted Official Viewing Card. Se recomanda pentru pachetul cartela Focus Sat.

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Modul Conax CAS7 - Synaps
Modul Conax CAS7 Synaps

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Irdeto Cam - Synaps
Plug-and-Play & User Friendly
Irdeto (TM) Conditional Access System embedded (for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, SD & HD Pay TV services)
NEW! Dual Decoding (optional)
Multi-languages: up to 20 languages
All Audio and Video type

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Tivusat - CAM cu cartela
Cartela cu CAM Tivusat pentru programe TV si radio italiene, de pe satelitul Hotbird 13gr.

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Irdeto Cam Professional 8ch
Inserted in the Common Interface (DVB-CI) slot, IREDETO PROFESSIONAL CAM allows professional customers of digital TV to receive and descramble 8 services simultaneously.

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Modul Powercam Pro 5.2
PowerCAM pro 5 , newest version of professional CA Module from Powercam is able to descramble several systems with best possibility to reach up to 12 channels.

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